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Fusion crash when opening Proteus STEP

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Fusion crash when opening Proteus STEP

Hello, since a recent update, Fusion crashes when I try to import a step from Labcenter Proteus. It was working perfectly before and now it crashes even with the previous successfuly imported step files.
Attached is a STEP file 

Many thanks !

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in reply to: theo_p-h

It could take (quite) a while to interpret. Have you uploaded successfully?STEP.jpg

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in reply to: Warmingup1953

D*mn it seem it's working for you, is there a way to clean my installation ?

I'm getting this when i try on my side :



And this i in the report :

Date/Heure: 2023-12-16 16:30:20 +01:00
Application: Fusion360.exe
Erreur: Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)
Nom du module bloqué: rose_x64_vc15.dll
Adresse de l'exception: 0x00007ff9a54156f0
Code d'exception: c0000005
Indicateurs de l'exception: 0
Paramètres de l'exception: 0, 0


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in reply to: theo_p-h

No, I have no luck either my screen capture was from the Online viewer...I don't think it's your installation. Have you uploaded the STEP file to your Data Folder?

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in reply to: theo_p-h

Your attached file would not open on my Fusion 360 application either.  I opened it in Inventor and exported it as a new STEP file.  I tested it in Fusion 360 and it is attached.

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in reply to: theo_p-h

Ok so it seems that the problem is comming from the STP import procedure on Fusion side ? It seems I'll be forced to wait for a fix ? Do you know something lighter than Inventor that could make the trick to import the step before to export ?


I successfuly upload the step file to my files through the web manager and but when I try to create a fusion conception from it it download the files and then throw a failure....





Many thanks !

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