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Fusion causes Nvidia Driver to crash hard. Updated driver, forced Windows to use discrete card. Any ideas?

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Fusion causes Nvidia Driver to crash hard. Updated driver, forced Windows to use discrete card. Any ideas?

Hi there,

Working in a moderate size (~30 components) assembly. Using lots of 'external' linked components from the same project to allow reuse between concepts.

Running Windows 10 22H2 on a Thinkpad P14S with a 4 GB Nvidia T550 (i.e. what used to be called a Quadro). Driver version 529.08 which is latest certified from Lenovo.

I had several OpenGL graphics kernel crashes while rotating the model, one causing an actual blue screen.

Updated graphics driver and set Windows to always use the T550 when running Fusion, still crashed.

Turned off ambient occlusion, still crashed.

Switched to force DirectX11 mode, crashed but just hammered CPU for 5 mins while not responding rather than causing a driver panic.

Only change vs normal use is that I'm running on my (hi-res) laptop screen, will try using external (1440p) monitor tomorrow.

My usual driver is Creo; have never had a single issue even with much bigger assemblies.

Anything else to try?  I'm on a commercial licence so should raise a ticket, but I just want to get this job done, out and billed.

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in reply to: matt

@matt Certainly raise a support ticket as that will help get faster escalation. Regarding the crash, do you get a crash report to send to Autodesk (or is it a hard crash to desktop)? If it does crash and you send in the report can you please post a report ID (or you can direct message me your email Id and I can find the crashes you have submitted).

Does your machine have dual graphics card? Is your windows OS also up-to-date? 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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in reply to: matt

@matt, could you please have a try with Nvidia's latest driver? Here is, Thanks.


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in reply to: RajkumarIlanchelian

Hi @RajkumarIlanchelian,


OpenGL crashes hard to desktop and/or Blue Screen Of Death, but still triggered a bug report once or twice.


DirectX11 hangs, I gave it a few mins and then gave it the three-finger salute and force quit the Fusion process.


Machine has onboard Intel and discrete Nvidia graphics. I have set Fusion to only use the discrete card. Windows and onboard firmware is all latest Lenovo release.


Will pm email ID - I would have submitted three crash dumps, did not note the report IDs.


Have now plugged machine into external monitor via a USB-C dock and all seems to be well with Fusion on (lower res) external screen - scaling is different between the internal and external screens, maybe this is related to other issues related to desktop scaling?

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in reply to: rui_wang

@rui_wang I'm running driver version 529.08 which is latest ISV certified. I have other software (Creo, Keyshot) that dictate I stick to certified drivers?

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in reply to: matt

@matt, could you please check the setting of High-resolution canvas on high DPI displays? See below image. If it is checked, could you please unchecked it and then try Fusion on internal screen? Thanks. 



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in reply to: matt

Update - plugging in to external screen fixes issue. Playing catch up so have not had a chance to experiment on internal screen.


High-resolution canvas graphics is on. What is it, and why would I need it anyways?

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in reply to: matt

@rui_wang Can confirm that turning off High Resolution Canvas has fixed issue.

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