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Fusion Browser floats above other application windows (MacOS)

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Fusion Browser floats above other application windows (MacOS)

I have had this issue pretty much since I started using Fusion 360. I keep hoping it will get fixed in an update, but it never seems to. When fusion is first launched, the Fusion browser floats to the very top layer of windows, and will appear above other windows from other applications and the finder.


Sometimes clicking back on the Fusion window and bringing it to the forefront will resolve it.

Currently I am running :

Active Plan: Fusion 360, Subscription
macOS 11.6 x86_64 (20G165) on MacBookPro17,1 (M1)


I have seen this behavior on other Macs as well.

It's a minor bug, but a bug no less.



Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 11.57.52 PM.png

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Hey mad.macs,

Thanks for posting. This is a known issue we're working on. A workaround is to go back to the Fusion window and hide / minimize it. 

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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in reply to: mad.macs

This is still an issue as of August 2023, even with native Apple Silicon build. It appears this originates in how the "Browser" UI component is built using a separate QTView, and the QT Framework sometimes treating these as independent windows, and sometimes not. Same is true of the "Comments" UI component. Please see screenshot attached.

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And continuing in April 2024.

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