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Fusion and Inventor can't connect to the internet

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Fusion and Inventor can't connect to the internet

Hey guys,

Since yesterday I have problems with Fusion 360 and Inventor. Both can't connect to the internet.
Firewall is deactivated. All proxies are turned off. I reinstalled Fusion 360 4 times. Deleted the login credentials.
Still no luck.

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Hello and welcome!

Just asking the obvious question first,... can you connect to the internet in general?  I assume so since you are posting here, but...have to ask.  🙂

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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in reply to: CGBenner

Thats a really good question 😅
Yes I have a working internet connection.
I tried it with a LAN connection and via WLAN ^^
I already tried every step from the articles in the support section regarding this topic.

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in reply to: jan_bayerl

Have you tried opening Fusion in Service Utility mode?

You can open the Service Utility menu by holding down CTRL + Shift ( Sisitro ) and execute Fusion by double-clicking on the icon

in the utility service menu there is the possibility to do the network connection test and see that all necessary servers are reachable and operationa

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in reply to: m_mazziniS6WKY

Yes I already did that

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in reply to: jan_bayerl

Now I have a similar problem on my Macbook M2 Pro. When trying to sync a linked component it just disconnects the internet connection 😑
Also the last saved project saved unsuccesfully and now it's corrupted.
I still have connection issues with Fusion 360 and Inventor.

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