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Fusion 360 won't let me complete free move relative to pivot point

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Fusion 360 won't let me complete free move relative to pivot point

In the image below, I am trying to rotate the selected body 45 degrees relative to the origin. The OK button is greyed out and won't ket me complete this move, but there's no warning or indication why. Is there a reason why this is failing? It seems like it might be a bug, because I can't think of a reason this wouldn't be possible.


Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 6.29.58 PM.png

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Never mind, I figured it out. The interface was stuck, and it looked like I had entered the desired rotation when I really hadn't. It's very easy to seemingly enter a value and not have it register.

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The picture shows the waiting green tick for pivot move.

until you confirm you have finished moving the handles, (select the green tick,) Fusion is just moving the pivot handles for you.


Might help....

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