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Fusion 360 Windows - Unexpected window change in OS

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Fusion 360 Windows - Unexpected window change in OS



I want to report a strange bug that seems to be unfixed for some time now. Quite often, when working in Fusion360 (Windows 11 and 10) the application window suddenly disappears and changes to different app. This is not always a last used program, but rather some random app that is currently opened in the taskbar. What is even more amazing - Fusion 360 can not only minimize itself and activate for example a web browser, but can also change a currently active tab in this browser. So it's not just a normal "minimize window" OS routine.


From user perspective this looks like that: I'm working in F360 in full screen window and suddenly F360 disappears and I see a web browser (or any other app). Sometimes in the web browser a different tab is activated for no reason(!). I have to manually click a F360 icon in the taskbar to re-activate it. Despite that F360 is working normally.


This usually happens in 2 situations:

  1. I use "save as mesh" command. After clicking save button (in a separate window) F360 minimizes and some other app appears in full screen.
  2. I invoke some computational-heavy operation (such as entering an invalid parameter that will cause a feature to fail). After computation is finished F360 will suddenly minimize instead of just displaying an error popup.

It happens on 2 Windows machines (10 and 11). This happens without touching a keyboard, so some strange key shortcuts from different apps are not an explanation.


Did anyone experience similar issues?


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in reply to: Naureka

I have also experienced this issue frequently. No fix yet.

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in reply to: Naureka

This happens to me constantly, just one of the many bugs/instabilities in this software. If they could juts fix the dumb stuff like this, the software would be so great..

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