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Fusion 360 times out while still loading

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Fusion 360 times out while still loading

I am an IT administrator in UK education trying to get Fusion 360 Browser access to work in my school. I haven't managed to get it to run yet - I keep getting session disconnected due to inactivity while the program is still loading, sometimes at 2-3% and sometimes as much as 50%. I am aware of website allowances which I believe are all in the filter and nothing reporting as being blocked. I am aware of <600ms ping to us East coast - mine tests at 190-200 to California. running i5 12th Gen with 16gb ram on 200mb internet connection. tried other machines of different spec and get similar results. hoping for a glimmer of a hint of a clue where to look next. 

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Hi, sorry about the issue you are facing. In order to troubleshoot, we need the browser's har file. Can you please send it to 


Guillermo Melantoni
Senior Product Line Manager
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I'm attaching 2 files - the first it went all the way through to 100%, sat there for a couple of minutes then failed. the second was a repeat of the issues I saw yesterday - failing after only a couple of percent downloaded. (smaller file)




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