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Fusion 360 stuck after moving history marker, highlighting faces issues

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Fusion 360 stuck after moving history marker, highlighting faces issues

I was designing a part when I decided to roll back the history marker and delete a few fillets and other features. When I moved the history maker to the end again, I got a warning that a sketch lost some references it needed (which I was expecting), and then Fusion 360 immediately locked itself. Clicking anywhere resulted in the classic Windows dong sound for clicking on a non-responding window, but I didn't get any "Fusion 360 is not responding" error. Fusion's progress bar was stuck at 0%. Strangely enough, I was still able to move and rotate the model with my Space Mouse, but not with mouse and keyboard (I get the aforementioned sound).





I waited quite some time and eventually tried Alt+F4 (I couldn't even click the X window button), at which point Fusion resumed. Now, I can continue working but the face of the model I had selected before moving the history maker is still selected no matter what I do. Closing the project restores normal operation.




I VERY frequently end up with faces permanently selected (without Fusion 360 locking itself every time, thankfully) and every time I need to close the project.

Other times, especially when using the Extrude command, selecting faces doesn't highlight them, but still adds them to the objects to extrude. When that happens, extruding several sketch profiles is a pain because I can't see what I highlighted before.


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Update: restarted Fusion, after just 15min of work a lot of faces are already permanently selected, which is super confusing when working:



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Update 2: now I can't even select what I want anymore. Fusion is only letting me select body edges, despite having no selection filters:



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