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Fusion 360 sign in failure

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Fusion 360 sign in failure



I've just installed the free trial of Fusion 360 and I get presented with an error message stating "sign in failure". I've tried numerous fixes posted on the forums but none seem to work, can someone pleasehelp?


Many thanks

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Hi @darrell.hopkins


Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear that you've been experiencing a sign in failure in Fusion 360.


Have you successfully logged into Fusion 360 on the problem computer before? If so, please confirm that you've worked through the suggestions at this link.


If you have not signed into Fusion 360 successfully on this system, please confirm that you've worked through these suggestions.


If you continue to experience problems after working through those articles, please let me know and I'll escalate a support case to get your installation, application, and web services log files from you through. Please don't post manually gathered logs on the forum - they can contain sensitive information.


Paul Clauss

Product Support Specialist

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Hi @paul.clauss


Thanks for replying to my post with your suggestions on how to resolve the sign issues I was experiencing.


I'm happy to report that I've now managed to get Fusion 360 up and running.


The problem was with the proxy server that is in place where I work which blocked Fusion 360 from gaining internet access, so I disconnected my latop from my work network and connected to the internet via WiFi hotspot using my mobile phone. Fusion 360 was then able to connect to the internet, complete the setup and once reconnected to my work network, continue to run without any further sign in issues.


I hope this information is useful to you.


Many thanks


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in reply to: darrell.hopkins

Bonjour, J'ai le même problême, mais je ne trouve pas de solutions ! pourriez vous m'aider svp ?

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in reply to: fabian.n

Hello @paul.clauss ,


I have been using Fusion360 last week with no issue. But today, I get the "sign-in failure"  issue.
restarted my laptop, tried the internet connection through my cell, but neither of these things worked.


What can I do now?


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Hi all i have same problem i can not login to application.

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Sign in failure how to fix this problem.... 

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im having the exact same issue 


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