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Fusion 360 "unsupported browser" whilst logging in - common "solutions" not working (including team login)

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Fusion 360 "unsupported browser" whilst logging in - common "solutions" not working (including team login)

I've been struggling with this issue for ages. Whenever I try to log into fusion 360, everything works as normal (including even the password validation - it knows if i write the wrong password), until pressing login, when it will simply show "unsupported browser" for a split second, before placing me back in the login screen.

I have tried various solutions, including:

  • Reinstalling (on different devices, Some with NVIDIA, other with AMD GPU)
  • Disabling my antivirus
  • Running Fusion 360 on a fresh windows install and online
  • Running Fusion 360 from the %AppData% folder, as some have suggested

Recently, I read a post saying that the issue could be in the "fusion team" (for students). I have a license for Fusion 360 via the Student Program, so thought that this could be an issue. 

Apparently I was supposed to receive an e-mail inviting me to a student team - I have, however, not received that ever. Furthermore, I cannot login to Fusion team (online) at (where I apparently could manage this) - once again everything goes fine, until I login with my credential when it just says "Server encountered an unexpected error".


Is there anything I could try to do to fix this? Or is there likely to be something wrong with my account?

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1. At this time are you not able to use Fusion at all? 

2. You mentioned you have been having this problem for ages. How long have you been facing this issue? 

3. I assume you have successfully used Fusion before but hit this block now? 


4. Do you have two accounts now for Fusion? ( where one is a student account?) 


5. Can you direct message me your email ID? If you have multiple accounts send me the ids of all the accounts. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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1. Yes, I am completely unable to use fusion 360

2 and 3: I don't remember how long ago (however, its been multiple years ago) that I could use fusion 360 normally, however, if I recall correctly, this issue has persisted for at least two years. (I don't have any significant use for fusion, except personal interest, hence it has not been the biggest priority for me to fix, additionally, since I haven't been able to find a solution, I have forgotten about it for a while)

4. I only have this account for fusion (which is a student account)

5. I'll DM you that.

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@janne.lindqv1stNDNC6 Thank you for sending me the email. It looks like the account set up was never completed since there is no team hub associated to this email ID. 

I know you mentioned that you logged into already but can you try again and let us know what errors you are receiving with images please? 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Hi @RajkumarIlanchelian , 


This is the error I keep getting (not very helpful, no error codes or anything included).

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Ok. Let me contact our Fusion team engineers. It’s almost certain this is because there is no team hub associated to this account. Will post back here when I find more. It will be likely Monday before I would be able to find more information. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Hi @janne.lindqv1stNDNC6 , thanks for reaching out.  We are looking into logs - in the meantime can you try the following URL to create a new hub for your account?



I believe we found the cause of the issue - no need to attempt the URL above.  I will work with the team to get this addressed for you!

Andy Spivey
SQA Engineer
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Hi @janne.lindqv1stNDNC6 


The team has identified a workaround that should allow you to create a team hub for your account.  They have sent you invitation to an existing project.  Following the invitation link should allow the Fusion 360 launch and login to continue. 


Once in, you can create your own hub from following this article- Fusion 360 Help | How to create/signup for a Fusion Team Hub | Autodesk.  


Once done, we can cleanup the invitation hub and you will be all set.


Thanks for working with us, and let me know if have any questions!

Andy Spivey
SQA Engineer
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Hi @Andy.Spivey , 

I received the link and tried joining the team, however, I seem to be getting the "Server encountered an unexpected error." as earlier (fusion team does not seem to work in any way). Furthermore, Fusion still does not seem to open normally (logging me out right after trying to login), although it does now seem to recognize that I've tried to log into Fusion 360 on 2 different devices, prompting me to "suspend" the other session. 

Somehow, the team system does not seem to work on my account?


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Thank you @janne.lindqv1stNDNC6  - I will let the team know the results and will check logs on our side.  More to come...

Andy Spivey
SQA Engineer
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Hi @janne.lindqv1stNDNC6 - we believe this should not be resolved - apologies for the delay.  Can you please try the workflow again to verify?


Thank you!

Andy Spivey
SQA Engineer

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