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Fusion 360 "Save As DXF" does not notify of failure to write file.

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Fusion 360 "Save As DXF" does not notify of failure to write file.

Steps to create issue:

In Fusion 360 perform a "Save As DXF" on any "Sketch"

Open Autocad AND "OPEN" the saved DXF file.

In Fusion 360 try do a "Save As DXF" on the SAME file name  (I normally have UPDATED the Sketch is the reason).

No warning, no error, but it does NOT successfully write the DXF file.


I have this happen MANY times because I design in Fusion 360, create the DXF file and NC code the file in Autocad.

If I see a change needed in the design/sketch and go back to Fusion 360, I have to remember to CLOSE the Autocad DXF file.

I may have 5 or 6 DXF files open, so I forget!

Then with NO WARNING I think my "Save As DXF" file was updated but it was not.

Now I might produce the WRONG design for the machine processing.


A simple error, and would seem like just remember to close the (Autocad DXF file) but...

The "Side affects for manufacturing" are SIGNIFICANT!





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I have not been able to reproduce the behavior under W 10 with multiple save operations.
For new "Save as DXF" operations, I have to select the existing file and confirm that it should be overwritten. After that the current version is in the DXF.



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in reply to: g-andresen

I have no problem duplicating. I can use any steps I want and different
drawings etc..

I have had this happening for a while so the system HAS been rebooted etc.

I am on Windows 11

I have ran this while the file is OPEN in REGULAR Autocad and also OEM

The DXF file you are "saving to" MUST be open in Autocad at the time you do
the "Save As Dxf" within fusion 360.

Yes, when I do the Save As within Fusion 360 I AM warned that the file

But, after I Save AS, even looking at the file using Windows File Explorer,
shows NO update to TIME (and when opened in Autocad it is not changed).

STEP 1: AsDxfTest2.dxf OPEN in Autocad.

Edit the Sketch so it is different and do a SAVE AS.


Just select a DIFFERENT sketch and save as dxf to the file which is OPEN IN

1. Switch to active Autocad
2. Close the AsDxfTest2.dxf file.
3. Open the AsDxfTest2.dxf file.
4. File is NOT CHANGED.

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