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Fusion 360 outage? but no...

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Fusion 360 outage? but no...

I had a problem where even when Fusion starts up and there are no outages, the app tells me there an outage, hence not letting me connect to the cloud. I followed the troubleshooting guide for Fusion, and I want to send the zip file with the system log. Thank you.

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@t_hans_c @The logs shows that you are on an older version of Fusion Version : 2.0.15995


The new version is 2.0.18477. 

Have you uninstalled Fusion and reinstalled to the latest? 

You can also do the following:


1. Close Fusion

2. Delete the shortcut used to launch Fusion 

3. Restart the machine 

4. Go to add/remove programs 

5. Select Autodesk Fusion - change/modify

6. This will launch the service utility 

7. Run the repair Fusion


Lwt me know of that puts it in the latest version and if the above problem you reported is gone. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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