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Fusion 360 not working

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Fusion 360 not working

I started the software and opened the details. When I tried to update the repaired details, the software stopped working. I had this happen many times. I turned it off with how to use the computer's task manager, and restart the software as this keeps happening again, I need help


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@TínNguyễn @Is the hang happening only on this one particular design or happening randomly on many designs ? 

We can start with updating the graphics drivers on your machine. Go to the website of the graphics vendor and download the latest driver and install. See if that helps. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
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in reply to: TínNguyễn

I believe I may have encountered this bug in the past. Sometimes, on using the "Get All Latest" command, the loading bar will appear, and all elements of Fusion will appear unresponsive. Task Manager does not seem to think that Fusion is "Not Responding", but nothing reacts. My workaround solution was the following:


Alt-Tab once, then release.

Alt-Tab once more, then release.



The result of this for me has been that the loading bar disappears, and all functionality returns to normal. Usually this seems to abort the "Get All Latest" command, which will then never seems to fail a second time. I suspect this might have something to do with trying to pull a new version too quickly after saving, though I cannot say for certain.


The interesting behavior is really how Windows 10/11 behaves during this. So long as Alt-Tab is only used once before it is released, it never moves on to another window. However, the window appears "inactive". It seems to behave as though there were an invisible window sitting in front of the rest of Fusion.

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