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Fusion 360 not updating

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Fusion 360 not updating

Fusion 360 doesn't seem to be updating for me. 

I was eager to try out the new drawing features mentioned in the September "What's new" but none of those features are there.

No updates through desktop connector either.


Here's my current plan & version:

Subscription plan

Version 2.0.10806

Windows 10

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in reply to: Garret_H

Take a look at this from this web article.

 Edit: Take note that you do not have to uninstall Fusion 360 to do this.

Update Fusion 360.jpg

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John Hackney

Beyond the Drafting Board

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in reply to: Garret_H

The download & run installer worked perfectly, thank you!

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in reply to: Garret_H

Hi All,


I just experienced this same issue, with the same versions, between my updated computer at home, and my "NOT UPDATING" computer at work. I went to my account, downloaded the current install client. When I ran it, it prompted me to open task manager and force close and "streamer.exe" or "Fusion360.exe". I did this, proceeded to re run the installer..... low and behold an updated version of fusion just opened, V 2.0.11183 and now works. I can also now open my file I created this weekend on my home computer. 


Successful workaround.

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in reply to: Garret_H

I have this issue as well and I did the installer again. Didn't resolve it, now when I run the installer it says I'm already running the latest version of Fusion, and if I would like to start it. Fusion starts and I can work with it. But it says the following warning:


"You are on a version of Fusion 360 where live update is not working. Please follow article below to update to the latest version."


I'm running version 2.0.11183

Windows 10 (19043)


Any help on this issue would be appreciated.


- Wesley

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in reply to: WesleyTack


do a CLEAN UNINSTALL and everything will work.



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in reply to: g-andresen

I just uninstalled it, then used the cleaner.exe, restarted computer, after that I re-installed it, and it still gave the same issue


Then I uninstalled it again, then I did the manual cleanup of all folders/registry folders, restarted computer, re-installed it again.


Fusion 360 launches still with version nr 2.0.11183 and still with this alert:


You are on a version of Fusion 360 where live update is not working. Please follow article below to update to the latest version.
7 seconds ago
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in reply to: Garret_H

Any updates on this matter? I have done everything that was asked and suggested to fix it and still nothing.

My version still doesn't update and gives me a warning upon start up. This is the warning:


You are on a version of Fusion 360 where live update is not working. Please follow article below to update to the latest version.
58 minutes ago
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in reply to: WesleyTack

same here bud! I can't manage to get the hinder fixed on my windows. it just says :

You are on a version of Fusion 360 where live update is not working. Please follow article below to update to the latest version.
last week I tried reinstalling it like 2 or 3 times and still no fix. I guess ill try it again today and see what happens. If anyone has a solution that'd be great. 
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in reply to: WesleyTack

If uninstalling, cleaning your computer, manual reg edit doesn't work, I think its time you both go to support and start a support ticket and get help beyond the forums here. Do it right through the fusion360 window. Ask for a call back to explain you situation, someone will help get you over to a system technical support person, not just a fusion functionality support person. I have personally done this before with an issue, they were very helpful.


I wish I had more to offer, downloading and just running the installer looks to have worked for most of us.

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in reply to: Ryan_McCauley

Thanks for the advice, I have scheduled a call tomorrow. Nice to know this is an option!
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in reply to: WesleyTack

So, the warning message keeps popping up, even after it's fixed/installed... Basically I had to close the warning message (X-button) to get rid of it... I figured it wasn't fixed constantly, but it was showing an old redundant message... Thanks for the person in India to close it for me via Teamviewer! (I feel so stupid)

Thanks for the help everyone 😛
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in reply to: WesleyTack

I had the same alert, ( You are working on a version of Fusion 360 where live update is not working).

I went through the same process of reinstalling it and the alert still kept coming up.

I just seen your message to delete the alert with the X button and that worked!!

Thanks for posting!!

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in reply to: Garret_H


cant access document fusion wont update,  im stuck in a loop right now plz halp plz!

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in reply to: Garret_H

I am facing a similar problem. And after installing the software it says I already have the updated version but cannot find it on my MacBook Pro.

I have updated my mac and deleted all Autodesk fusion 360 files.

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