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fusion 360 not responding

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fusion 360 not responding

hellow there, 

so ive been facing an issue for quite some time now that is at first my fusion 360 wasnt going online i was getting an outage error i tried everything to fix it but nothing worked so i went ahead and just uninstall and reinstalled the software but now when i open fusion 360 it dosent open properly by that i mean the software is just not responding no matter how long i wait idk if its the update or something its not working. it was working fine few days ago with no error but idk what happend to it so ill be glad if anyone can help me 

my specs 


gtx 1060 

8gb ram 



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@talhaqureshi65 @Couple of things to try to see where the issue could be. 

1. Are you connected to multiple monitors ? If so if you run Fusion on the main monitor does this issue go away? 

2. Is there any other external device connected to this machine ? 

3. If this could be a network issue , can you try to restart your router and see if that help and also connect to a different network like a hotspot on your phone and see if that helps? 

Based on what we find we can take the next actions to resolve this. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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thank you for the reply i was able to resolve that issue after reinstalling fusion 360 a bunch of times however today as i opened fusion i was met with the offline mod message even though my network is working fine and fusion too was working fine a while back ive checked everything from date and time to firewall nothing seems to work 

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@talhaqureshi65 Can you please do the following? 

1. Restart your machine

2. Go to add/remove programs 
3. Select Fusion - Select modify

This will launch the Fusion service utility

4. Now run the reset Fusion and then launch Fusion - Does it help?
5. If this does not go back into service utility 
6. Run Gather system info - This will generate two zip files

Please post the Fusion in here

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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