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Fusion 360 not launching browser to login

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Fusion 360 not launching browser to login

It's a problem we see every so often, but is now affecting an entire room of computers after the latest update. Software will launch, but the re-direct to login never appears. This only happens for non-admin users. An identical set-up in a different room does work correctly.


The log file for the Identity Services reveals this error;

2023-11-06T14:48:20.828Z [Fusion360:6380, 13236] [IdSDKPlugin INFO] Entering application modal state for request Login
2023-11-06T14:48:20.828Z [Fusion360:6380, 13236] [IdSDKPlugin INFO] zsss 333 Login
2023-11-06T14:48:20.830Z [Fusion360:6380, 7960] [IdSDKPlugin INFO] Preparing to send request Login
2023-11-06T14:48:20.831Z [Fusion360:6380, 7960] [IdSDKPlugin ERROR] Exception in SSOServerProcess::Start: Access is denied.


Fusion has been reinstalled. As has the Identity manager software. Local user files deleted as well, but no difference.  Anybody have experience fixing this?


Many thanks,



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