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Fusion 360 has been in offline mode for a week

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Fusion 360 has been in offline mode for a week

Fusion 360 never goes online so none of my models ever get updated. It perpetually states "Fusion 360 is temporarily in offline mode. This is affecting all online workflows. We're working on bringing Fusion 360 back online ASAP."


I can do all other online work normally so I know it's isolated to Fusion 360. It worked just fine for a week or so when I first got my startup license but now it's not.

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So this doesn't become a dead end question for someone in 10 years, I fixed it by setting my computer's clock/timezone to be automatic. Fusion 360 won't connect to the cloud if the time is not synced up. I got the hint from this post:

It mentions incorrect system time towards the bottom

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I can't tell if its down during a certain time of day or not (its definitely down when I need it for lecture) , but I just fixed it by painfully slowly uninstalling all of my autodesk programs, and just reinstalling fusion.

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