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Fusion 360 don't lauch

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Fusion 360 don't lauch

Hello, I have a problem with fusion 360 which does not launch, I launch fusion 360 I connect to the browser, it redirects me to fusion 360 and after it closes and the browser puts me you have been disconnected on the desktop , I reinstalled, repaired, deactivated anti-virus, firewall and checked the prerequisites but it didn't work

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@daoud_jessica @Is this the first time you are connecting to Fusion? If it is can you login to and it should ask you to accept a url in an email we send you. This should address the issue you are seeing. 

if you continue to have this issue please direct message me the email ID you have registered the account with. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Hello, thank you very much, i create new account because i don"t have a new link and i activate it work thank you

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