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Fusion 360 Doing weird things since last update?!

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Fusion 360 Doing weird things since last update?!

I'm experiencing some strange things today with Fusion 360 and I have not made any changes.


1. Models are no lnger linked when in an assembly.

2. Exported component to .f3d and once uploaded the file is empty.


Generally, since the last update, its seemed pretty unstable with things happening without commands, a number of crashes and having to restart regulalry as well as lost models.





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in reply to: JimDHMNY

Sorry to hear this. If you are a subscriber, please use the in product chat to create a support case.



If you can't do that, please post a video showing this. I ask because nothing like this is being reported elsewhere. We should look into what is happening on your machine with your designs. A video is a good place to start.


Can you share one of these empty f3d? 

And can you please provide one of the crash report numbers? Or your email address so I can look up your crash reports.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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