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Fusion 360 crashes with latest updates

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Fusion 360 crashes with latest updates



Has anyone else experienced an increase in the frequency of Fusion 360 freezing up / crashing with the latest updates?

I could for example be moving my feature timeline and the software just completely freezes and does not unfreeze (even if left overnight).


I did not experience this before the last or last two updates. 


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in reply to: mateuszFZ8LU

Yes and with very simple things. (MacOS)

Reproducible on my side

New Component (Base1) - New sketch in component
New SubComponents from Sketch Extrusions

Copy Base1 to PASTE NEW (Base2)
Edit subcomponent Extrusions.

Copy Base2 to PASTE NEW (Base3)
Sub component extrusions ALL yellow with
"Failed to get owner occurrence transform"

Attempt to edit Base3 subcomponent to fix silly error and F360 crashes. 

Side note - 5 years later and "errors" still flash in block in lower right then disappear before you can click "more info" or whatever.

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@mateuszFZ8LU @beananimal Are you submitting your crash error reports to Autodesk? The next crash you get can you report your report ID here so that we can find the reports you submitted (or you can DM me your email ID and I can search for the crash reports you submitted). 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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