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Fusion 360 Crashes while performing full round fillet.

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Fusion 360 Crashes while performing full round fillet.

Hello all,


I am having an issue with a project I am working on that happens across two different computers with different OS (Windows 11 and MacOS)


Im working on a dual outlet brake duct design that I have already completed in one version with the full round fillet that I need. But with this version my fusion will crash out the computer once I hover over a feature with "Full Round Fillet" selected. I tried this on the same file with both Windows and Mac and I get the same result.


I dont know if its the computer or not. Im guessing not since it happens across Windows and Mac. I have it set to run for best performance and graphics are loaded on startup through Directx9.


I have screen shots of the edges I am trying to fillet, my project file for the V1 that has the full fillet and the project file for the V2 file that I am editing.



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in reply to: chrisrprince

I tried your models on my machine but I was unable to reproduce the crash when hover over the "Full Round Fillet" features. Can you help to record a short video to show your operations? I may missed some key steps during my trial. 




Steven Gao

Sr. SQA Engineer

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in reply to: MingweiGao

Thanks for taking a look. I’ll try and take a video later.

It’s not so much hovering over full round fillet. It’s after I select full
round fillet and hover over the object to select the faces I want to alter.
Maybe that’s what you meant but I am just clarifying.


I attached some files from the crash. log that appears on the Mac. Generally the crash will totally lock out my windows computer and force a hard reset.

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