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Fusion 360 Crashes And Won't Restart

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Fusion 360 Crashes And Won't Restart

I have a Windows 11 system with I9-1300K and Nvidia 3060ti graphics. Left Fusion running with a couple of projects open while I was a way for several hours. When I came back there was a screen asking me to push the button to send an error report, which I did. Fusion then exited, so I tried a restart. Fusion came up, but when I tried to open my project it said something about the file was saved with a newer version and try a restart after the update finished (how would know when that is?). So I waited a while, then tried a restart. This time the splash screen hangs and nothing is happening, so I eventually kill the Fusion process with Task Manager. Now I try rebooting Windows. After that when I try to start Fusion, I don't even get the splash screen. I just get a small white rectangle, and nothing happens.  I use Fusion with a free "maker" license. What can I try?

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Probably time to check out the Fusion 360 Service Utility.  You could try the Repair option but then move up to the Uninstall if that does not work.

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Yes, a reinstall did work. I wonder if there is some way to back up my preference settings just in case I need to reinstall again sometime?

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