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Fusion 360 closes tab of active programs on startup

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Fusion 360 closes tab of active programs on startup

Interesting bug that has been affecting me for a while now, that occurs reliably when starting Fusion 360.


It can be reproduced reliably, however has very specific steps:

Make sure F360 is not open

Start F360

Switch to the first tab of a different program (say, Chrome)

When F360 completes the boot, it will force itself to be the active window, this closes the tab in the background


It seems that some part of the process which forces F360 to be the active window (is this also a bug?) is killing tabs in the background. I specifically say "tabs" as I just had this happen to me in a terminal, losing a WSL Ubuntu session. So this likely means it's not limited to browser tabs


There is an "alternate" form to this bug, wherein if the tab selected is not the first one it will switch to that one instead of closing it.


I'm running Windows 11, Fusion 360 2.0.15775 x86_64


Happy to provide any more info that might be needed to track down this bug





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in reply to: louis.j.beal

I have this really similar issue where it just switches to a different (Firefox) tab. Really big problem that a program is interacting with other software like that!

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