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Fusion 360 Browser Access does not scale on my Tablet Display properly.

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Fusion 360 Browser Access does not scale on my Tablet Display properly.


Browser Acess is out ! for Everyone , I am very happy for it , however the display does not scale properly on my Android Tablet (Mi Pad 6 with Keyboard and Pencil) , The Tool Box sometimes appears on my screen (Top Side of my Browser Screen) , sometimes does not appears , the tool box contains 


A full screen button , and the Screen Resolution option , however most of the times it does not shows ,

Even if it shows it does not scales the display properly , the Fusion History time line is not visible

Despite all of this , its still workable , but it keeps on Reconecting every 2 minutes or so , or this screen just becomes blank


And if I click on Renumber the Tools button in Tools Library of CAM Environment , a Coffee Mug Spilled Image will be displayed.


I am using Edge for Android , Chrome for Android , but experienced same issue

I am really looking forward for this App Streaming version of Fusion 360 , let me know if Autodesk is SERIOUSLY developing this ?




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