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Free version PCB designer limit bug

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Free version PCB designer limit bug


I just spent a weekend trying out the Fusion 360 to test if it would suit my workflow for electronics design. What stopped me is a vaguely defined error message that I'm sure comes from a system that is restricting free users from creating larger PCB designs. I'm well aware of the limit of 80cm2 however I'm sure there is something going very wrong in the current version of Fusion 360 as my board in no larger than 80*20mm. I'm well within the margins and yet I cannot move any component into the defined are of the board.
The PCB designer is telling me that the board is 50x80 which it definitely is not and even that would be within the limit.
The error doesn't tell me anything... just to upgrade. Before this happened I was considering to actually using Fusion 360 as my main platform but after this I don't think so. This is horrible user experience. You could at least tell me why I cannot continue my test or how much I'm over the limit. Or at least give me a link to the website that contains info about this limit. I had to search for the error online to find out it's possibly a bug on your side... Better QA would not hurt.
If there is a way to work around this? I would still like to test the PCB designer but that's just not possible at the moment.


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