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for the second time my tokens have been deleted from my account

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for the second time my tokens have been deleted from my account

last november my tokens were deleted from my account. 586 to be exact and had to buy the machining extension for two months to complete jobs. it took till the end of feburary to get it fixed and was given extra bc of the money spent on the extension for two months. at that time we werent too busy so the time waiting i could deal with. 

well im very busy now but i am not buying the extension for a month when i need it for a few hours when i had over a thousand two days ago. i know im not that rare case that hasnt been heard of and many people are having issues like this. can someone that works for fusion 360 please tell me how this happens? if i you have cloud credits showing in your balance in the software why doesnt that balance show up in your online account? i got a feeling it has something to do with that. i mean treating a single account ljke two seperate accounts, one in software and one online is how its always felt like when reviewing either bc they have never matched. 

anyways, calling fusion i got a nice girl from india i couldnt understand a 1/4 of the time i was on the phone for an hour. was asked to show proof of having them. well how do you show proof of something that was reimbursed to you? i didnt get a receipt and my online account that she was looking through shows i had 9.  9 is what i had when they were deleted last year. so something is messed up and i really need these tokens back bc i have work i need to do unless, fusion is willing to repay me with money, not tokens, when i have to pay for the extension for a month while im waiting to be reimbursed over a thou of the deleted? 

i tried contacting the person i was emailing back when and my message wasnt delivered so...........


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@James.Youmatz  Can you help?


Thanks Mark

Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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I too have lost around 700+ tokens. 


What is going on?

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