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Flat Pattern for Box and Pan Brake

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Flat Pattern for Box and Pan Brake

Hello, I have been using Fusion 360 for a while and love it. I used the sheet Metal part before, and I noticed that the Flat Pattern I create does not give me correct bend lines. I think it's because the Flat pattern created is if you have a Press Brake. I only have a Box and Pan Brake. Is there an option to adjust Fusion 360 for the Tool I have? I am open for any suggestions you have. 

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You probably need to adjust your K-Factor value in your applicable sheet metal rule for you Box and Pan Brake.  I would recommend a free application called BendsWorks that will help you determine the correct K-Factor for you machine.  You will find the application here.




Reverse K-Factor Calculator.jpg

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Can you Attach a file here that is not correct and explain what about the geometry is not correct?

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