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Fillet won't work due on extruded closed spline profile due to spikes in curvature comb

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Fillet won't work due on extruded closed spline profile due to spikes in curvature comb

I'm unable to perform a fillet on the top face of an extruded profile, this is likely due to spikes in the curvature comb where my spline has somewhat sharp changes in direction. However smoothing out all these spikes is rather tedious and causes deformation in the outline of the shape I'm extruding. A workaround I've found is:

1. Create a plane along path (the edge that is to be filleted)
2. manually sketch out an arc representing the shape of the fillet on said curve
3. performing a surface sweep (a sweep cut of the profile breaks due to self intersections)

4. Perform a split body using the sweeped surface as the tool

5. Remove the newly created body which would represent the excess that is to be removed by the fillet


As you can see that is also rather tedious, but at least seems to be more consitent and does not involve modifying the my original design. Surely there must be an easier way to get the fillet to work. It's clear that the final result I want to achieve is geometrically/physically possible. Attached is a screenshot of the result using the split bodies method. The problem is not specific to this exact geometry, but is something I encounter frequently given the desings I'm working on, hence no reason to upload this particular file. The same situation can be easily replicated if you create any closed spline profile with sharp enough changes,



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Please share the file.

File > export > save as f3d on local drive  > attach it to the post



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