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Feature Request: Constrain sketch lines tangent to splines, mid-spline

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Feature Request: Constrain sketch lines tangent to splines, mid-spline

When sketching, there is no ability to constrain a line as Tangent to a spline, somewhere in the middle of the spline. They can be constrained tangent at the end of the spline, but not anywhere else. 

This would be extremely helpful when projecting lines off previously built bodies or sketches, and wanting to create a tangent line (or then perpendicular line to that tangent line).



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in reply to: zkamen

Seconded. I have use for this on a regular basis.

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in reply to: Art5

There are many workarounds, making this a low priority.


Did you search the forum for those?


Might help….

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

I have looked through those, but as you stated, these are 'workarounds' for a function that every other CAD system I've used just does. Additionally, many of those workarounds don't actually work the way I need them to. If I've projected a spline from a part into a sketch, I routinely need to place a lines in that sketch and then constrain them to be tangent to the projected spline. I looked through the forums with search terms 'tangent to spline' and couldn't find any posts that showed how to do this easily and effectively. If I've missed something, I'd be most appreciative if you could direct me to the thread you're thinking of!

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