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Feature Request: Compliant Mechanism Design

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Feature Request: Compliant Mechanism Design

It would be very cool if F360 had native design and manufacturing workflows to produce assemblies or parts with integrated compliant mechanisms.


Why would this be useful?


  1. Currently the best way to produce these types of mechanisms is iteratively, which is very time-intensive and requires a lot of trial and error. Recently, some research has been published describing how to produce CM's computationally. There's an entire lecture series on CM's and the research here: (38) Compliant Mechanisms Lecture Series - YouTube
  2. In the context of, say, FFF manufacturing, these mechanisms are ideal: they can be made from the substrate material and printed in-place without additional parts. They are precise, durable, and simple.
  3. Having a native, parametric design workspace that supports these will make them scalable, documentable, and encourage interest in their design.

What would a CM design workflow look like in Fusion360?


Since the method is computational, it might be similar to generative design, but have a few unique features:

  • Constraints on displacement (usually no more than 30%)
  • Additional material parameters (temperature sensitivity vs elasticity, etc)
  • Warnings about poorly anchored mechanisms that might cause weaknesses

etc. I'm sure I'll think of more as time goes on, but at least wanted to get the conversation started.

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Can you perhaps share an example?

I am not tempted to sift through a lengthy series of videos to figure our what you are referring to in my spare time 😉 

Peter Doering
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Search on Veritasium compliant mechanisms machines that bend are better. YouTube 

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Here’s the referenced video:

@CadWhisperer, do you think this would be a useful feature? If so, how would it be useful to you?
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@TheCADWhisperer @brotherdustautodesk ahh, now it clicks. I had seen that (and other videos) before. Very interesting stuff!


Yes, I believe a feature set that would help develop these mechanisms would be right down Fusion 360's alley, so to speak.  I've posted a link to this thread on the Fusion 360 Slack channel soliciting some feedback.

Peter Doering

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