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FBX Export - Empty file in Blender - USD works?

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FBX Export - Empty file in Blender - USD works?

Morning - i have the latest version and when im exporting to FBX i get a file (approx 1.7mb) but its empty when opening in Blender - Window/Mac FBX export does the same thing.


Exporting to USD works, but i lose all the naming and it based around a tutorial i have written for a lecture so i dont really want to have to rewrite it for USD.


Any thoughts would be great! The file is part of our Open Gauge project, so the Fusion is here: 


  - its the 2023Gauge file.



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Answering my own question - Fusion was not showing any linked files - but upon unzipping the FSDZ it had two files and sure enough, one was linked.


I reopened, deleted and remade the part showing linked and it now exports as fbx.


I assume this is a bug - as i had unlinked, but Fusion was still exporting as separate files. 



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