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Failed extrude

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Failed extrude

I have created a single revolution of an auger flight and wish to create a press tool as an extrusion from the end of the central shaft up to the body but this fails. 

I can't figure out my error and hope someone may point me in the right direction

The intent is to 3D print an upper and lower pair of press tools to form the flight spiral from a blank disk of metal.


Thank you

Paul Z

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in reply to: innovations9B9JE

I don't see any problem with the file. Can you provide a screen shot of the following:

1. The extrude dialog box when it fails

2. The error message when it fails

3. The image of the model when it fails.


This can probably be all done in one image. That information will help me understand the issue better.



Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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in reply to: Phil.E



Attached a screenshot as requested.

I've left the central shaft body active.

The sketch below represents the circular press tool that I want to extrude up to the underside of the helical 'flight' and similarly another from above the flight in the view.

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in reply to: Phil.E

screenshot as requested

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I see lots of problems with the file.

First thing I notice is multiple unresolved issues highlighted in your Timeline.

Would you be willing to start over from scratch with step-by-step instructions?



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Attached a link to a clean version of my subject file plus an exported file.

The error message remains the same as in the screen shot [attached]

Thanks all for willingness to assist

Paul Z

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The helical 'flight' is created by a sweep along a path using a square section coil inside the OD of the center tube, One revolution in this case. The profile for the flight is a simple rectangle0 .12" x 0.9625" created on a sketch located on a construction plane along a path.
This method is better described by John Hackney " Create an auger in Fusion 360" if searched on Google
regards Paul Z
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A new file and additional information posted to the forum
Thank you
Paul Z
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I forgot about this one - just bumping it to the top so that I (hopefully) address the issue today.

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I see one little issue with my model, but before I spend more time - examine the Attached.

Is this close to your Design Intent?


Edit: I can also simplify the construction as the top and bottom dies are apparently identical - only need model one of them.

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Cad Whisperer


Thank you for the solution.

You are correct the upper tool is a mirror of the lower

I presume my fundamental error was not using a surface sweep for the flight

The intent going forward is to produce two 3D printed tools to establish the amount of spring back in the material

If interested the end use is for a spiral guide on for a  half size traction engine steering, photo attached

Again many thanks

Paul Z

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