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F360 window elements (Browser, menus) over-write other windows that come in front of F360

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F360 window elements (Browser, menus) over-write other windows that come in front of F360



I'm finding some window elements of Fusion 360 stay on the screen when other windows come to the front (top of the window stack).  In the attached file you can see the Object Browser elements showing even though the Linux Terminal window was brought to the front.   It seems like some of the Fusion 360 display elements are not attached to the main Fusion 360 window and so they do not get replaced by another window that may be put in front of it.


Note I am running Fusion 360 with Linux Mint 20.2 (Uma) and Wine 6.23 (staging).  It seems to be working surprisingly well other than this little nuisance.  Note the display elements that remain on the screen do disappear if the Fusion 360 window is minimized or closed.


Is there something I can do to better configure my installation to avoid this problem?


Thank you,





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in reply to: patrick.a.mckinley

Hey patrick.a.mckinley, this is a known issue that we're working on. I don't have a timeline for a fix but rest assured we're working on it. It irritates all of us!

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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Thanks for the update.  I am looking forward to a fix someday, although I'm getting by without just fine.  🙂

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Is there any update on this issue? I have the same problem with the browser window remaining on the desktop and blocking my view of other other programs when F360 is minimized. I'm running the most up to date version of F360 and Mac OS Monterey.

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in reply to: jodom4

Juli 2023 and this is still an issue. It is so disturbing that I am thinking of switching to another CAD Program because of this. It can't be this har to just stay in the boundaries of your own Window. Other programs can do it also there is no reason to take this issue so long to fix. I mean over 2 Years?

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