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F360 Personal use. Importing fbx files

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F360 Personal use. Importing fbx files

I'm sorry for the basic question.  I have spent hours trying to import a free FBX file.  It looks like it imports correctly and has mesh bodies associated.  I am not sure why these are coming in as mesh bodies?  Why am i not able to edit?

Is it because its just a free file? 

Is it because i'm personal use? 

I've tried many of the convert mesh or edit mesh tutorials i can find and am wondering if i am wasting my time.



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"I am not sure why these are coming in as mesh bodies?"


FBX is a mesh format.  That is why these are coming in as mesh bodies.


"Why am i not able to edit?"


You can edit.  You have to use the Mesh toolset to edit.  Fusion is not a very powerful mesh editor, so what you can do is limited.  You can convert to a solid, but that workflow is sometimes problematic (the default converts each mesh facet into a solid or surface face, which is inaccurate and can result in slow performance).  The normal recommended workflow with mesh bodies is to reverse engineer them using features like Create Mesh Section, and Fit Curve to Mesh Section, combined with native Fusion modeling tools.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: Jordanfrost

Can you share the Mesh? I don't have a TurboSquid account

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