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F360 hangs or super slow when doing offsets

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F360 hangs or super slow when doing offsets

Take a 70 tooth internal or external spur gear, project the gear outline and double click to select the entire projected profile. No problem so far.

Now do a "O" for offset, and watch Fusion go for a walk in lala land for more than half hour on an Octa-core 3500MHz with 8G free ram. Sometimes it even locks up the computer which has to be rebooted!

This is not normal in anyone's book and unacceptable performance.

Can you fix it?


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in reply to: mmoridi

Hello @mmoridi 


Can you please provide us the f3d file and maybe a screencast video to understand the steps to reproduce the issue?


Rohit Bapat
Product Owner
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in reply to: mmoridi

@mmoridi hey now, no need for an attitude. All he's asking for is your version of a problem file, no huge ask.

File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply. Takes two minutes tops.


Why ask for the file?
How was the gear created?
What happens when a Project takes place?

Are there any other modeling issues that may present this result?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: mmoridi

I would like to ask a different question:  What are you trying to achieve that a sketch offset of a projection of a complex gear outline is the answer for?  Depending on how that gear was created, that profile outline could contain hundreds or thousands of sketch entities.  And, yes, a sketch offset of a chain of that many sketch entities will always be very slow.  So, if we know what the ultimate goal is, we can recommend other approaches that will likely get you there much more efficiently.  Most likely, that will involve modeling things at the single tooth level and then patterning the results of that operation for the rest of the teeth, instead of trying to do a sketch offset.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: jeff_strater

Hi Jeff,
Making a planetary gear using the FM gear addon. It creates perfect gears but they can't be 3D printed because there's no provision for tolerances.
The number of curves and lines it creates is in the 500 range not thousands. I don't remember the exact number.
by offsetting the tooth profile 0.2mm, I can make the internal ring gear wider and get the tolerance I need.
After messing around for hours, I gave up and did it in SolidWorks in 2 minutes!
Fusion360 needs a lot of work judging from how many times it crashes and sends in crash reports, which I never hear from again.
I used to teach AutoCAD to draftsmen at Boeing in 1985. I was expecting a lot more powerful software after all these years of evolution. Instead, I find an extremely slow software with a finicky UI that doesn't register many inputs, crashes often and goes for breaks once in a while with no apparent cause.
Sometimes double clicking a operation on the history line works, sometimes it doesn't. Game of dice!
The only thing that sets this software apart from SolidWorks, is its top-down assembly and file creation.
I am a power user and often find bugs in all software, but F360 has its share.
Thank you.
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in reply to: mmoridi


Can you Attach your *.sldprt file here?

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in reply to: mmoridi

I would not do this with a sketch offset in any CAD tool.  Here is what I would do in Fusion.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: jeff_strater

Although I am done with the design of that part, I tried your way.
Offset of projection profile took 27 minutes on my machine, offseting the faces your way took 20 seconds!
Even though the number of faces was more than the number of curves.
CADs are nothing but linear algebra solvers. They benefit from graphics card just like games do.
I am shocked at how slow some operation are in F360 and how often it crashes under stress!
It's a great CAD but with unrefined algorithms, and doesn't use the full resources of the computer.
When I do complicated operations in SolidWorks, It maxes out my CPU and GPU. I bet F360 doesn't even use the GPU! I suspect this is why it's so slow. Fusion uses about 13% of my 8 cores at the maximum.
Thanks for your input. I consider this topic closed.
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in reply to: mmoridi


Can you Attach your *.sldprt file here (this is a binary yes/no question).

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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

Here you go.
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in reply to: mmoridi


Nothing Attached?

You might have to zip it first (although I thought *.sldprt files could be attached here directly).

You MUST use the web forum - you cannot attach files via email reply.

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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

Last attempt.

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in reply to: mmoridi

Exact same experience for me. 
I used to teach proE Wildfire and then Solidworks 20+ years ago. These were more reliable and stable to use on 486 processors than Fusion is now on very powerful computers 😞
Typing that whilst F360 has frozen 5 times in 5 attempts to deboss/emboss a couple of letters on a simple surface 😞



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@pierre_diapason wrote:

Exact same experience for me. 
I used to teach proE Wildfire and then Solidworks 20+ years ago. 


I taught Pro/E and Creo and SolidWorks for many years.

First thing I notice is that you have not provided any *.f3d examples.

No actionable information.  This is not the way I taught  CAD software.

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