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F 360 : FEA for Modal Analysis // Anisotropic materials

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F 360 : FEA for Modal Analysis // Anisotropic materials

Hello hello, 


I have stumbled across a roadblock. We are testing resonant frequency ranges of wood with a variety of shapes, and I went into other forums. It looks like Fusion still won't process anisotropic materials for simulation. I noticed that they now have a hyper realistic function, and I was wondering if there was anyone willing to work with me on getting a solid model with XYZ ratios correctly calculated (I have some numbers and some people I can work with as well) to get a solid working model for wood modal frequency analysis. If there was someone at Autodesk that would be willing to work with me, that would be great as well. Alternatively, if there is a program that people know of that can do anisotropic materials, then I would be happy to hear! 



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