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Extrude profiles select body edges

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Extrude profiles select body edges

HI, I have this weird bug where when after I sketch a profile, the Extrusion profiles pick up Construction lines, Centerlines, and it picks up edges of the body that lie on the sketch plane. I should be able to pick the whole sketch profile in one click instead of 4 separate profiles shown in the second screen grab and it should be one profile? Is there a way to turn this off? 

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Please attach your model.  Open in Fusion 360. select the File menu, then Export and save to your hard drive.  Use the Attachment section of a reply post to attach it.



Edit: If the profile is divided by any lines, except construction lines, you will have to select multiple areas.  This includes project geometries.

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From the screenshots, it looks like the sketch just has auto-projected geometry lines, as mentioned in the "Edit" above.

When you create a sketch on a "Face" (as opposed to a "Plane"), the geometry of said Face is automatically projected. It functions just as any other projected sketch line (can be converted to Construction geometry, can be constrained, can also of course be deleted, etc.). The real curveball (and what I suspect is the source of the problem) is that this auto-projected geometry is invisible, which can make it ... unintuitive.


This behavior can be disabled in "Preferences>General>Design>Auto project geometry on active sketch plane".preferences.png


If this is not the source of the problem, then of course an attached document (*.f3d / *.f3z) should help to debug/identify the problem.

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