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External Component - Break Link: Leads to broken joints

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External Component - Break Link: Leads to broken joints

I produced a scenario that can be rapidly reproduced as follows:

  1.  Create a unit box (1x1x1 Box) and add a Joint Origin. Save as uBox.
  2. In a new file, create a 2x2x0.1 plate at the top tier.
    1. Insert Derive uBox and joint it to the plate without using the Joint Origin.
    2. Insert Derive uBox a second time.  This time joint it to the plate using the Joint Origin.
    3. Create a Joint Origin on either uBox
    4. Save as PlateBox
  3. Create and save the file test-PlateBox.  Insert "PlateBox" as External Component.  In this file Break Link and you will lose the Joint Origin that is created in PlateBox (step 2.3) and you will lose the Box-Plate Joint that does not use the Joint Origin (step 2.1).  You will retain the Joint from (step 2.2).  See attached Images. 

In my actual work, I am working with sheet metal fabrication where are have various bend profiles that are yet to be finalized and are subject to change.  I am using the Insert Derive, so that I can extrude the bend profiles to their desired length while maintaining links to the original bend profiles for modification purposes.  Furthermore, I piece these together in a subassembly, which after breaking the link in the final assembly I adjust to its final length.  It is problematic to rebuild all the joints, since I will have dozens of these final assemblies.


Work around:  In the meantime, I answered my own question on a work around.  I have to build joint origins into all of my subcomponents before Insert Derive.  Then use these Joint Origins exclusively when joining subcomponents to one another.  Furthermore, I want to avoid Move/Align since Joints tend to give me better scalability.


Before Break.pngAfter Break.png



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I tested my work around from the initial post.  Although the work around allows the joints to be maintained, extruding to objects then breaks afterwards.  It is therefore not a useful work around.  I am looking for help/suggestions on how to resolve this.


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