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Exporting joint animations

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Exporting joint animations

I've spent a lot of time on a model with numerous joints.  My plan was to create some videos that showed joint animations.


I've used the animation workspace, but I don't think there's a way to drive joints in the animation.


I found how-to's on rendering motion studies.  But, it seems like I need to buy $300 worth of tokens and use 12 to get what I want (per video).


Am I missing something.  I have a paid subscription, but the only way I can export a video showing joint animations is buy rendering credits?


I guess I'll use screen capturing tools if that's the story.



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Could be wrong, thought a Motion study can be captured as a movie.


Might help…

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I found how to do that in the render workspace, but that's where you have to spend Cloud Credits.  And it looks like minimum cloud credit purchase is $300 for 100 credits.


12 credits each render


Too pricey for me, I'm just doing screen capturing using a software demo application I bought years ago. since I don't need the photo quality stuff.

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