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Exported File has Wrong Version Number

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Exported File has Wrong Version Number

This bug is easily repeatable:


1. Start with a file. Let's assume it's currently `part v1`.

2. Export (i.e. to STEP). The part name will be `part v1.step`.

3. Make a change and save. The title bar will *immediately* reflect `part v2`.

4. Export again to STEP. The filename in the dialog will default to `part v1` and *not* `part v2` as it should.


Fusion for some mind-boggling reason takes about 10-15 seconds to recognize the changed version number when exporting. If you export during that period, Fusion will assign the wrong version to the export.


This is obviously a problem. The false version number can be a liability since it then assigns incorrect metadata to an export, which could lead to the wrong file being used later. I can't imagine how this got missed for so long. Saving files is the most basic of functions and getting it wrong for this long without fixing it is pretty surprising, even for Fusion's standards.

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The delay appears to be associated with the time to upload the saved file to the cloud. If you look in the Data Panel you can see that same delay between saving and the version indicator updating. Exporting during this period appears to use the updated model (from local data) but the old version number (from the version as shown in the data panel). I have just got used to waiting for the data panel to update before exporting.

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in reply to: matthewZYM62

Yeah, of course that makes sense. But that's not our problem. Fusion needs to take it into account and use the correct version number no matter what state the cloud upload is in.


And like I said, other parts of Fusion already recognize the new version number right away, so it's obviously possible. The export function is simply coded wrong. If that's updated to pull its version data from the correct location (the same way the title bar does) the problem will be solved.


We all know the cloud has made Fusion worse in almost every way. But this one, at least, is just a basic flaw that the abysmal performance of the Fusion cloud simply makes much more obvious.

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in reply to: jm.10

Well I just had another weird thing happen that I haven't seen before. I saved a file and went to export... and this time the export window showed the new version. This time, the title bar was the one that stayed out of date.


For crying out loud, does Autodesk just pick a random number to display for the version? Because it's obvious there is no real logic here. There can't be, because otherwise it would at least be consistent.


Seriously. Come on, Autodesk. $55B market cap and you can't do basic file saving correctly? What in the holy name of chamfers is anyone doing over there? Because clearly fixing bugs isn't it.

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