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Export to DXF exports all lines stacked on top of each other.

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Export to DXF exports all lines stacked on top of each other.

It doesn't matter what I draw, a simple rectangle, when I save and export as a DXF it gives a few lines from the shape stacked on top of each other. When I open it in inkscape or sendcutsend it just sees a few lines, not connected, not the shape I drew.


This combined with half the time the export job just sitting there forever...pretty frustrating. Anyone have any ideas?

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When I open your file in Rhino I get this.


I'd guess you have Fusion setup as Y up so if you open this in a basic 2d program all lines will be on top of each other.

One easy way to export from Fusion that should work is use Save As DXF from the right click menu. Just right click the sketch you want to export.


Or just make sure your sketch is on the XY plane and may be setup fusion to use Z up in preferences.




Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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