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Export to DWG is not exporting all Bodies

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Export to DWG is not exporting all Bodies

I Have a 3D model of a window which i would like to export as a DWG. when exporting not all bodies are exported. when DWG file is reopened in Fusion, 2 of the 10 bodies are missing.


here is the current file in Fusion:


and the export:

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Here is the Model File:

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I know it should not do it but if you replace the two lower components, which were Copy/Paste New components so you could edit them, with Boundary Fill components, which are still unique and can be edited, it all works.  I have attached your F3D model edited with Boundary Fill components and also the resulting DWG which should work just fine.


By the way you need to start using Joints in your assemblies.  I added joints to my the two new bottom components but did not to your existing.


Remove and Replace.jpg

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John Hackney

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Thank you for your quick help. I will take a detailed look once I have a free minute. 

you mentioned using joints in assemblies. What are the advantages of this if my parts do not need to be moveable such as a hinge? 

am relatively new to Fusion and thus not 100% of best practices. Any resources or tips here would be greatly appreciated

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