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Export feature now not saving to folder with out saving to cloud WHY?

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Export feature now not saving to folder with out saving to cloud WHY?

What happened to the export. I used to be able to start a project then save to the cloud. Then I would make changes to my design and export those versions to a folder on my desktop come back to work on them and never had to re-save to the cloud. Now that doesn't happen. I use hughs net which is a metered usage plan and I can't save to the cloud everytime I make a version change. It was working just fine for me before this last software update. How can I still export to my folder without saving. This sucks for me right now. Help Please 

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There are 2 ways to export, one from the file menu and one by right click on a component in the browser. Both of these options let me save to a folder on my computer, one exception is if the design has other designs inserted into it. If you are working with derived designs there's no way to work with them without the cloud.

Here's the dialog I get if I right click a component in the browser, no problem saving to my drive



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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I get the export window but pressing the export button doesn't do anything

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Did you look in the drive location you told it to save to?




You would be a lot better off using the Save to Mesh tool.


Export to Mesh.gif

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