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Error message: "Unable to deactivate the document at this time"

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Error message: "Unable to deactivate the document at this time"

I have an ongoing issue where I'm unable to deactivate a document in my list of 10 editable documents (pic attached).

When I try to deactivate it, it just gives me the error message "Unable to deactivate the document at this time".

I have deactivated all other documents in the list, but I'm unable to do this particular one.

It says it's stored in the the "My first project" folder, which it isn't. It has been deleted long ago.

It has also been deleted from the Fusion online list.

The 'loading' icon shown on the document details just keeps circling around, but never loads any details.

I'm the only person with access to this account, and I only access it from one PC, therefore I know it isn't being accessed elsewhere.

Everything I've tried from Google and Youtube searches hasn't worked. Can't someone please tell me how I can clear it from the list? 

Thanks, Luke



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