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Erroneous Short Lines in Sketches

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Erroneous Short Lines in Sketches

I was tempted to call this short line syndrome...


When drawing lines in sketch mode, I constantly find myself accidentally creating short lines that appear before I intend to place the end point of the line I want to draw. This can be really frustrating when it affects a length I intend to draw, or starts the line at the wrong angle. 


I usually use "L" as a hotkey for line, but am not hitting enter after or anything else like that. It seems like my computer is restringing a double click? I'm not sure exactly why. 


Either suggestions to avoid something or to have a slight dwell time built in.

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in reply to: Garret_H

Apparently some mice are more sensitive than others, if your mouse moves the slightest amount while clicking, you will get an extra line. Fusion is designed that way though, if you click and hold your left mouse button while drawing a line you can end the line when you release the button and continue on with another line.

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in reply to: wmhazzard

@wmhazzard wrote:

 Fusion is designed that way though....

I don't see this issue in my other CAD programs, only Fusion 360.

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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

That seems like an inappropriate feature to have in a program designed for precision. May be a handy feature in a graphic design software for shading... engineering not so much.

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in reply to: Garret_H

This is at best an opinion. Considering sketches are intended to be dimensioned and constrained the click and drag to create (which i do not really like myself) should be something of a time saver. 

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: Garret_H

Apparently it is for people who like to go fast. It is also used to draw arcs at the end of straight lines by left clicking at the end of the straight line and dragging an arc. If you make sure you don't move the mouse while you are clicking you should not have a problem and like I said, this has come up before and some mice are less sensitive than others.  

Here is the previous thread.

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in reply to: ryan.bales

@ryan.bales no this isn't an opinion it's customer feedback of a problematic UI feature. This feature is a massive hassle and completely unnecessary.


I am quite aware of how to dimension and constrain sketches thank you very much. My PROBLEM is that I frequently end up with these erroneous lines which more often than not end up having auto-constraints placed on them (eg. horiz/vert.) and then I have to go back and remove them, if they don't interfere with the inputted length that I try to do.


I can't for the life of my think how this feature could be useful when the practical time it takes for one of these lines to appear is measured in milliseconds. The duration of input is so minuscule to be uncontrollable. Start/stop push buttons in electronics are programmed with a minimum hold time specifically to avoid inadvertent cycling.

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in reply to: Garret_H

I agree, frustrating

It takes me much longer to find and fix what should not be there,  when not right

I have the routine to window select around the start point to delete any found selections.


I can slow down it does prevent them, so I am saving time?? and they don’t turn up to distract me. 

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in reply to: davebYYPCU


I have over 24,000 hours of CAD experience in AutoCAD, Inventor and Fusion... this is the only place I have problems in placement, and it slows me down a lot due to its specific nature. 


A simple fix would be to build in a minimum length as a function of zoom (e.g pixel count), that can still maintain the click and drag functionality. Any users input is going to naturally be wider movements that don't encounter these problems. 

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in reply to: Garret_H

hello garret,

did you find any solution to this problem?

it is really annouying and feels for me like a bug.

all the best ... marian

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in reply to: marianGD6RC

No, unfortunately I have not been given a solution and still run into this problem constantly when sketching. 

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in reply to: Garret_H

I too encounter this problem, and it seems to get more and more severe as you build design complexity in a single file. In my experience fusion360 has an issue with skipping fast user input when the program is under load, rapid succesion of shortcut keys, mouse clicks etc, but not mouse movements. My hypothesis is that the program gets confused if you click and rapidly move the mouse afterwards and thinks that you where trying to do a click-drag-release line instead of click-release-drag. 


It's just one of the UX issues that makes fusion360 so incredibly frustrating to use. Autodesk, please fix things like these, or put "disable click and drag line" in a settings menu. To reply "it's at best an opinion" is an insult to users who are paying for and trying to use your product in a professional setting. Your answer is not good enough. The fact that you do not have a bug report feature in the program further shows your priorities.

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in reply to: ryan.bales

Hi Ryan,

I too am plagued by this annoyance and have already commented on it elsewhere.
The problem is also occasionally raised in the German forum.
There must be a way to fix this!?




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in reply to: ryan.bales

It would be nice if they fixed a lot of things in sketches instead of worrying about getting Traceparts working. 

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in reply to: Garret_H

Any Autodesk employee : has anything happened regarding this ? Are you still seeing it as a non-issue ?

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in reply to: Garret_H

yes, we are working on it now.  Changing some of the timing, and checking for lines in the code that allows "arc dragging".  Not 100% sure it will fix all problems, but should make it better.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: Garret_H

I'm still having this issue quite regularly when designing components, quite frustrating modelling it fully just to find that a specific model is out by a couple of mm because of a tiny line that I missed get randomly created. 


I don't suppose anyone has any other solutions or fixes? I've tried switching mouse and slowing my working speed to allow the PC to keep up with any sudden movements etc, but even with very small files it still happens around once every 10 minutes... 

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in reply to: bwardley

Until they eliminate the ridiculous click and drag feature, you will have to make a conscious effort to not move your mouse while clicking, it has nothing to do with your PC. Unfortunately sketching is still taking a back seat to the bells and whistles features. 

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in reply to: Garret_H

Just to chime in that I'm also fed up with this, with Fusion randomly being ultra sensitive and adding the 0.00001mm line for no reason and then jumping to being insensitive and ignoring the arc I've dragged out at the next segment! 

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in reply to: Garret_H

I'm also still having issues with extra tiny lines


Perhaps an option to disable the drag+hold to make a line?

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