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Erratic Sketch and Camera behavior

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Erratic Sketch and Camera behavior

A few Updates ago I noticed two problems that have come up:

  1. Unruly Sketches
    VERY often ( like the majority ) when I try to sketch on an already established face of an object and I try to sketch something it takes 2-4 clicks with my mouse to click through what feels like a layer of something that prevents me from pinning whatever I'm doing to the sketch. Like as if the automatically generated sketch from selecting the face is interfering with what I'm trying to manually create - Super annoying!
  2. Camera Control
    I usually work with a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise when on my "Work" PC but have recently gotten into the habit of also working of my HTPC which doesn't have such a device attached to it for navigating the 3D Environment so the Mouse will have to do which worked until said Update but which now drives me up the wall whenever I try to orbit around an object using the 3D Navigation Cube in the Top Right Corner causing the View to rotate normally for a bit but then snapping to like an invisible 90° indent preventing me from looking at the angle I was going for - Video of it happening.

The Update causing this mayhem happend like 3-5 Updates ago and the issues are persistent on either of my PCs.
I also just resetted my Preferences on one Installation to see if it would fix the issue and so far it doesn't seem to be the case.

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Issue #1 - can you Attach a file here that exhibits this behavior?

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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

The Camera issue is immediately present within every Project ( see attached file ).

I've also noticed it primarily manifesting itself when the Mouse Cursor ( after clicking and holding onto the 3D Cube ) is getting dragged towards the right - and thus technically past the screen's border.


As for the Sketch issue I now somehow cannot replicate it on demand despite it previously having been such a regular R.P.I.T.A. I even checked on more complex models I had previously done. If it manifests itself again, I'll be taking another Video of it.

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Rather than using the View Cube to rotate/orbit - what if you use Shift Wheel (or however you have set up in your Preferences)?

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