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Embed 3D Model on Website - That cannot be measured etc

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Embed 3D Model on Website - That cannot be measured etc

I would like to put a 3D model up on my website, but when I use the embed feature it also allows viewers to measure, markup, see model details, and open in Fusion 360. Since I am trying to sell this product, I don't really want to provide viewers with all the tools they need to reverse engineer the product. Is there a way to embed a model, without all these tools?



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Take a look at the Blog Article and Video.

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When creating the public link you can disable download. I am not aware of a way to disable the toolbar on the bottom of the screen.




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Disabling download would help, but really need a way to remove that toolbar. Seems very strange that this is not an option, surely most people embedding the model on a website don't want to also give away the IP for the item they are displaying.

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I'd say that people who are protective of their (or their clients) IP do not embed their model on a pubic web site.


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@TrippyLighting That is maybe the case some of the time, but I can think of plenty of cases where you want to promote the item without giving away easy access to the dimensions.


In my case, I have a furniture design for which I am selling DIY plans. The clever part about the design is the dimensions of each element and how they combine. It would be good for me to show a 3D model on the site, so people can see what the product looks like, but if they can quickly extract all the dimensions, then the plans I am selling have a reduced value.


I would suggest that most of the time a product is displayed on a website, it is for promotional purposes. If that is the case, dimensions are not required by the viewer. I imagine this feature is only really of value during the development process, rather than promotion.

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Good points!

I believe Autodesk has other offerings in their portfolio that allow this, but the Fusion 360 web viewer does not. It is also not an often requested feature here on the forum.


A good alternative might be Sketchfab.



Edit: Well, I though I remembered a product called configurator, but it's been retired.


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