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Editable projects not appearing in My Editable Projects panel

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Editable projects not appearing in My Editable Projects panel

As of this morning I am not able to view my projects in the My Editables Panel. I have used 7 out of the 10 allowed. I can view them on the normal projects panel but when I click a project I am navigated to the web version of Autodesk. The project fails to open in the Fusion 360 application.


Any help will be appreciated.

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This issue seems to have resolved itself.
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Hello @halil.hassan,


Thank you so much for reporting the issue. While I can see that it resolved itself, I forwarded it to our internal teams. If it still occurs, please try to use the following workaround for now:

Editable Fusion 360 documents open on web browser instead of Fusion 360 application for personal lic...


I hope it helps.


Best regards,

Paweł Potyrała
Technical Support Manager

Global Product Support
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