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Editable Documents 'referenced elsewhere' when they are not!

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Editable Documents 'referenced elsewhere' when they are not!

Hi all.


I am using the free version of Fusion360 and have maxed out the 10 allocated documents you are allowed for free.


My issue is that 6 of these documents I am trying to delete as I do not need them. However when I go to do this a message stating that 'a version of this design has been referenced by drawings, other designs, or manufacturing-related files and cannot be deleted' appears. 

The 6 documents I am talking about have not been referenced in any of my other documents, or drawings (because I've never done them!). 2 of them once were added to another document but were deleted from it as it was an old file.


How can I delete them? It's cluttering up the maximum 10 documents that I'm allocated and is frustrating because I want to have the space to make a new file!


Thanks all,



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You have unlimited Cloud storage space with a Fusion 360 Personal license but you can only have 10 documents Editable at one time.  My suggestion is to simple make the problematic documents Non-Editable and either ignore them or create a Trash folder and move them into it.

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