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Sometimes I work from designs not made by me, and more often than not they come as DXF files, now I hate them, they make my computer lag, freeze and even crash fusion, so rather not work with DXF. But then my question is: what are they (DXF) good for then?


SVG can be weird sometimes too, I have crash fusion while uploading SVGs. DWG work really well, really like them, what I have done is convert DXF to DWG, and then upload them. They work really well.


Now, there's a weird thing, sometimes I have uploaded DXF (not inserted) and the files opens really fast, computer doesn't freeze or anything, they work just like an DWG file, so my question is: Are DXF files getting converted to something else when uploaded and opened directly from the fusion's browser? if so to what to format then? and if not, why they behave differently than when inserted?



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@JGttk wrote:

.... what are they (DXF) good for then?

DXF (Drawing Exchange Format, or Drawing Interchange Format) is how DWG users can exchange vector design info with other applications that can't read DWG.


DXF is documented so anyone can read or write this file format. It will be "heavy" because the most popular format/it is in regular ASCII format.

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Can you share a DXF (and the DWG) you've converted to a DWG that works better in Fusion? 


What you describe sounds like a DXF with a lot of line segments, maybe a spline being converted to a polyline. I'd expect this to still be a problem if you just do a simple conversion from DXF to DWG though. Fusion's pretty good at reading spline data from DWG and DXF and as long as the export options are the same there shouldn't be much difference between the 2 formats.


One thing that can cause a lag when importing a DXF is generating the profiles where there are closed regions but after they are calculated the file should perform the same as one uploaded to the cloud.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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File shared via PM, is not my file so I don't know if I have the freedom to share it publicly.



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